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About Us


You are heartily welcomed to the Center of Possibilities. In this wonderful ministry of our LORD Jesus Christ, we believe strongly that we can do all things through His strength

The power of Belief is so entrenched into our system that there is no more room for doubt. With His Excellency the Holy Spirit doing His wonderful works of motivating, encouraging as well as empowering us, no odd will be able to have a hold. Wow! Such is the power of Belief in the saving, healing and restoring power of our LORD Jesus that we refuse to settle for nothing short of what He has said in His word concerning us.

COB is an embodiment of men and women from different tribes, cultures, languages as well as Nations but united, by that love for which Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior shed His precious blood; that we may not just live but that we may live an abundant life. Greater love indeed has no man than such a love for which Jesus Christ laid down His life for us all.

What more can we do but to show same love to everyone that comes our ways. This is where the uniqueness of COB is manifested. None is known by color, sex, or financial status but the love of God which passes all. Have you ever experienced such love? This subject of love goes beyond lip service love from men who promise today and fail tomorrow. It is rather about that unconditional love (AGAPE) which does not count error nor pick offence but is ever ready to forgive and give another chance. Belief and love seals the contract for possibilities.

C.O.B stands for Christ On Board. Does that mean anything to you? Then check it out yourself! Is Christ on Board your life, Career, family, business and what have you! Whatever your findings may be; you are once more heartily welcomed on board where Christ is on Board. Guess what: His Presence makes the difference and will surely turn things around for you.

With Him on Board therefore, the storm may rage; the wind may blow even as the tempest may billow but it will never; never sink (Mark6:45-51).

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