One of the dangers of such engagements is that it reveals a man’s weaknesses. The worstthing that can happen to any man is for his wife to know that he is weak in that area. An idea of that will make her to readily use it against the man. Each time there is a misunderstanding, because there will surely be, she would pull the trigger knowing that the man will surely follow suit. Bad words are like wounds.

One of the commonest features, the woman as the weaker vessel is endowed with, is the ability to lambast anyone with her vocal organ. Most men do not understand this and they engage their wives in releasing verbal acids. It is a wrong thing to do because the head does not need to talk much but to carry out actions which will help the organization or establishment such heads.

He who does everything without first reasoning with his wife is a head without a tail. The head must not see his wife as a second class citizen who does not have a say. It is wrong! Women might talk much but there is wisdom in the things they say. They are only made to explode whenever they discover that they are been intimidated or taken for a second fiddle.

  • A man that loves his wife gives her all.

  • He does not give her only money without respecting her opinions.

  • He does not give her gold jewelleries without remembering that she needs attention, affection, care, time and other good things that keep body and soul together.

  • He does not find it difficult to say sorry when the need arises.

  • A man that loves his wife will never feel threatened when she is promoted.

  • When a man loves his wife, he does not feel inferior because she earns more money or is more qualified than him. Such man understands that the glory belongs to him as the head of the house.

  •  man that loves his wife will never see her as his rival.

  • Such man would understand that women love fun such as visiting amusement places, going to restaurants and on and on.

To crown it all, the chances of losing the children to the authorities loom. Many children of the African descent are forcefully taken away from their parents and are made to live with foster parents while their own parents are alive, strong, hale, and hearty. The most painful of it all is how children of same parents are shared out to various homes while their own biological parents are not dead.

No one should blame the authorities after all, it is being done for the good of those children. If anyone should be blamed, it is those parents who have refused to wake up from their deep slumbers and embrace the truth.

The truth I’m talking about is the fact that it is no longer business as usual. You live now in adifferent culture which is working for the good of the children. The inability to have this awakening and come to terms with it, has given rise to untold troubles.

No amount of word would be adequate to describe the effects of what many Africans are subjected to, as a result of the inability to understand what marriage is about. There is more to marriage than sleeping with a woman and getting her pregnant.

I mean to say that marriage goes beyond its bye products. Having one to make love to as well as its eventual result of a child are but by products! There are fundamental benefits of the pairing of the two namely a man and a woman. Hear the Scripture:

Take note of the fact that all that glitters is not gold! This is why it seem that it is the women who suffer most from this ungodly trend. The rosiness of the flower does not stay throughout. There are times it becomes dim and when it eventually fades away. Such is the tale of beauty. When it is still shinning, there is the need for a woman to hold on and fight for what belongs to her before it goes off.

This is not a good reason for men to use women and dump them. Whenever any man does this, he hurts their Creator! Their cries are never overlooked by the Awesome Creator who made them appear special. Most importantly, every man should consider the fact that it could have been his sister, his daughter or even his mother! What would you do if other men treat them the way you treat other women?

This question has been left unattended to how much less, answered! Its results are: Broken lives and shattered dreams on one hand as well as walking ghosts and lovers of what God hates (Divorcees and Divorce) on the other hand.

There are stories told about what transpires in many African marriages in the Diaspora that only keep tongues wagging. Questions are asked without suitable answers! What appears to be most painful, however is the fact that

while one of such stories is yet to go down, a similar tale would emanate, and become daily occurrence.

Something is really wrong somewhere with marriages of Africans in the diaspora,which defy conventional norm of healthy marriage. A lady was quoted as saying: “Icannot believe that it was me who did such a horrible thing.” By this time, the deedhas already been done. At this stage an attempt of remorse or repentance which one would have are not effective, because the laws of the civilized society will surely take its toll on the perpetrator.

At that juncture the desire to rewind the hand of the clock, apparently to reverse the heinous crime becomes irreversible. No amount of regrets and crying in that scenario would solve any problem. Instead, it would rather add to the already existing troubles. Man loses his joy and happiness while his enemy smiles and rejoices over another gruesome crime committed to the delight of Satan.

On a very serious note, any man or woman who would forget what you both hold in esteem and stoop so low to commit adultery is not worth dying for! Such a person should be left alone and if he or she must die let it not be heard that the aggrieved spouse perpetrated the act.

It is time to take back what belongs to us. Never again must the enemy of our homes be allowed to have the last laugh. It is time to cut short the joy in the camps of the forces of darkness and their human agents. Love must be brought back to our homes.

Take note of this: A time may come when everyone would run away from you friends, relatives and even children. The only person that will stick to you and stand by your side is your husband or your wife. Would you want to be alone?

Words from our senior pastors

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Ps. D. C. Jacobs

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Bible reading for today

Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls.

St. Mathew 11:28